A virtual leadership development program for aspiring and seasoned managers to drive engagement, inspire retention, and shift culture.

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What's included?

A unique learning experience for any leader with the desire to grow, willingness to change, and aspiration to be a great leader. Develop the awareness superpower that sets you apart from your peers and solves the biggest problems facing your organization - attracting, engaging and retaining good people.

15 Online Lessons

Every program includes 15-weekly concise online video lessons with quizzes, downloadable audio and supplemental resources.

Printable Journals

Electronic or paper journaling supports the development of critical leadership behaviors following completion of the online lessons and prepares learners for the weekly discussions.

Practical Application

Each lesson equips and challenges the learner to apply what they've learned in real-life settings at work and even outside of work.

Weekly Group Sessions

15 weekly virtual group sessions with other like-minded leaders are facilitated to dive deeper into the lessons and real-world application of the learned behaviors to produce greater leadership influence.